Canyoning: what is it?

It might be obvious for some of you, but many people think canyoning is like rafting or kayaking.
But no, there won’t be a boat! Canyoning is an activity that comes from caving. The goal is to hike down a narrow gorge or canyon, wearing a neoprene wetsuit, a harness, a helmet and sometimes ropes.

On your way down you will find many obstacles: waterfalls of different heights which you will be able to jump, slide down or abseil using a rope (for the advanced canyoning).

You will use a variety of techniques such as walking, scrambling, swimming, sliding and jumping for the beginners canyoning tours, also called aquatic hiking. Jumps aren’t compulsory, it is possible to avoid it.
For the advanced canyoning tours, you will have to abseil down on ropes so you better not be suffering from vertigo. Jumps can also be more technical.

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